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Partially Collapsed Poplar - May 2018

Salcey were asked to dismantle a partially collapsed Poplar which was within striking distance of Langford Lane, Kidlington. The tree was shedding branches and several large limbs were leaning over the road posing a safety risk to passing vehicles and pedestrians. 

Due to the condition of the tree the crown was dismantled working from a 33 metre Mobile Elevated Work Platform. The close proximity of the road required the mobilisaiton of temporary two way lights to create a safe work zone and a team of six Arborists assisted the removal work. The tree was cut to a standing stem approximately 4 metres above ground level to act as a habitat pollard. 

Ongoing Tree Maintenance Contract - April 2018

Salcey have recently enjoyed completing various pruning work to trees on the grounds of a large site in Northampton. This is part of an ongoing maintenance contract which we have been completing since 2014.

The work was varied and included crown reductions to mature Horse Chestnuts and Lime trees, Lime pollards, dismantling a Cedar utilising a 26m MEWP and routine deadwooding. This work was necessary for routine maintenance and to minimise the risk to public in the area in th event of branch shedding or tree failure. 

Parish Council Tree Removal - January 2018

Salcey were asked by a property buyer to survey trees which were within influencing distance of the house they were looking to purchase.  This highlighted a Common Beech in the neighbouring churchyard which had a large cavity 1 metre above ground level with extensive and advanced levels of internal decay observable within the cavity. Audible resonance tests with the use of a nylon hammer also identified poor quality woody tissue surrounding the cavity, included and compressed bark was visible between principal stems and there were multiple old pruning wounds also present.

To remove the risk of harm and damage to the property and indeed public who may be walking through the church yard through stem failure it was advisable to remove the tree to ground level due to the trees particular species inability to withstand a significant removal of crown volume and the presence of the defect and associated decay. 

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