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Pruning is often required to produce strong, healthy and attractive trees or for safety reasons due to structural weaknesses. Salcey's experienced Arborists work to British Standard BS3998 to ensure that trees are considered with regard to species, age and condition.

Age of the tree affects the type of tree pruning required. If you have young trees, the focus is on producing a strong structure for future growth. If your trees are mature, the aim of pruning is maintaining structure, form, health and appearance. Salcey's Arborists will evaluate all aspects of your tree and advise on the type of pruning required to achieve the desired outcome.

If the crown of the tree is too dense it may require 'thinning'. Branches are selectively removed to increase light penetration and air movement and maintain, or develop, a tree's structure and form. In other instances the crown, or individual branches, may require a 'reduction' if the tree has grown too large for its space or to preserve its form. Lower branches may require pruning for similar reasons or to allow clearance for pedestrians, vehicles or lines of sight, a process known as crown 'raising'. The tree may have dead, dying, diseased or broken branches and may require 'cleaning' to maintain tree health and safety.

Salcey's expert Arborists will consult with you and advise on the appropriate solution.

Tree Felling & Stump Removal

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The emphasis of our tree work is conservation but in cases where a tree is in decline, or there are structural weaknesses, sometimes trees have to be felled. Salcey can dismantle the tree carefully and safely which is particularly important if the tree is in a confined space or has complex surroundings in urban settings or on commercial land. Once the operation is complete we recycle the wood into mulch for applications within the landscape industry or bio-mass production. If you would prefer the resulting stump to be removed, we can grind it with our stump removal machines.

Cabling & Bracing

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Cables and rods are structural supports which are used to reduce the risk of failure of multiple stems or weak branches, prolong the existence of a damaged tree and reduce the hazard potential. Cables are installed high in the tree, to limit the movement of the supported branches, whereas braces are installed lower down to provide more rigid support.

Salcey Arborists will carry out a thorough inspection of the tree structure to assess whether a structural support system is the appropriate course of action. Any commercial property owners with cabling and bracing installed should contact Salcey periodically for an inspection.

Hedge Trimming

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A well maintained hedge provides effective screening and a boundary for your property. However hedges can quickly loose their shape, affecting the aesthetic value of your land.

Salcey's technicians can maintain any size or type of hedge including small formal hedges, large commercial boundary hedges and rural hedgerows. We can reduce the height and width or simply clip stray growth to create a neat form.

Our Arborists will also advise on best pruning times and on long-term management.

Planting & Transplanting

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Planting - Salcey offer a full tree and shrub planting service including whip size, semi mature and large container plants. We choose the best species for the location, site and soil, and offer an after care service to ensure that the plants are cared for properly.

Transplanting - We use tree spades and hand dig techniques to carry out this service and advise accordingly on the suitability of plants for this process.

Case Study

As one of the preferred contractors for Carillion WSP Kettering, Salcey was asked to assist following an embankment failure along the A14 carriageway near Histon, Cambridgeshire, resulting in structural problems to the road and a hazard to the public.

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