Commercial Environmental Services


At Salcey protecting the environment is high on our agenda and we work continuously to progress our initiatives. We offer our commercial partners a range of services so that together we are preserving and caring for our environment.

Ecological Surveys & Reports

Countryside protection legislation and the European Habitats Directive has made it necessary for commercial property owners and homeowners, to ensure that any works they carry out on their land do not damage habitats for protected species.

Salcey’s expert Environmental Consultants are committed to safeguarding this outcome. We offer full ecological support and advice for a project from conception to completion, as well as aftercare and monitoring services. This enables early identification and resolutions of ecological constraints in relation to the proposed works, enabling a project to run as smoothly as possible and in harmony with environmental needs.

What We Offer

  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
  • Ecological Reports to suport planning applications
  • Ecological Assessments and Precautionary Method Of Works statements
  • Invasive species surveys and control
  • Ecological Management Plans
  • Design and implementation of protected species mitigation
  • Conservation and enhancement reports and implementation
  • Ecological method statement production and implementation for sensitive site clearance operations
  • Range of basic ecological surveys to identify ecological issues in relation to proposed minor works
  • Preliminary Ecological Surveys and Reports
  • Ecological Supervision for specialist clearance works
  • Targeted protected species and habitat surveys
  • Ecological Impact Assessments and all relevant mitigation works
  • Preliminary ecological surveys and reports
  • Habitat management and habitat translocation
  • Environmental quality control appraisals for large and small scale projects
  • Landscape and visual Impact Assessments
  • Ecological and environmental toolbox talks and staff awareness training

Recycling - Nothing Goes to Waste

At Salcey Waste Management and the efficient use of resources is a priority. We operate a comprehensive recycling process and recycle 100% of the Green waste produced from services delivered for our clients. This material is processed into mulches that are utilised in the landscaping industry and Biomass for electricity production.


We recycle 100% of our client's Green waste into woodchip. Therefore our chips are natural products with no added chemicals or preservatives. They can be used for a variety of purposes which include landscaping, weed control, pathways, driveways, riding schools, dog runs and for decorative purposes. It is easy to spread, effective and affordable.

We sell our woodchips by the cubic metre. If you are unsure as to how much you need for your purpose, call us and we will work this out for you.

“Salcey group have supplied us with large quantities of good quality bark at a reasonable price for the past three years. They have always delivered on time and have managed to squeeze in extra deliveries as we have needed them. Their drivers have always been helpful and careful to avoid any damage. I would have no problems in ordering from them in the future.”

Clive Alderman, The Frontier Centre, Irthlingborough


Over time woodchip composts into mulch which provides a simple and effective way of maintaining plant health and improving growth.

Mulch woodchips also have other benefits:

  • They are a nice dark color which provides a good contrast with plants and flowers making them stand out well
  • They provide an effective weed suppressant when they are laid to a depth of between 2 - 4 inches
  • They help to retain moisture in the soil which is especially useful during dry summer months
  • Provide a natural rustic look to your garden

We sell our mulch by the cubic metre. If you are unsure as to how much you need for your purpose, call us and we will work this out for you.

“We have been using Salcey’s tree mulch as a substitute for black peat and have been very satisfied with its quality and appearance. We have also used it successfully as a natural soil conditioner. We would recommend this eco-friendly product to anyone who is concerned about preserving the environment”

Dave Coxon, T C Landscapes


Biomass, a renewable energy source, is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms, such as wood waste. At Salcey we recycle woodchip which is sent to energy production centers to be converted into electricity.

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