Caring for the Environment

At Salcey we take our environmental responsibility seriously. It is high on our agenda and we are committed to implementing programs and measures that enhance our environmental performance wherever possible.


We operate a comprehensive recycling process and recycle 100% of the Green waste produced. The material is processed into mulches for utilisation in the landscaping industry and Biomass for electricity production.


Ecology concerns the study of nature and the interactions between bio-life and its physical environment; the relationship between animals and plants and how one species affect another. Salcey Group provides Ecological Reports and Surveys and Management Plans which have as their purpose, the protection of habitat and the identification, and resolution, of any ecological constraints in relation to development and/or general maintenance of their environment.

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The Environment

We are constantly considering the impact of our daily activities on the environment and taking measures to limit it. Our specialist Environmental Consultant also holds a Diploma in Environmental Management.

Wherever possible we work in a logical and planned manner to reduce carbon emissions. To limit mileage travelled by our crews, we make every effort to employ people locally to where we operate, or set up new depots to assist this goal. Our depots in Newbury and Harlow are examples of this. We renew our vehicles systematically to ensure that we use the latest and most efficient models, and have a strict servicing program for both vehicles and plant, to maintain efficient running. Our staff are also trained to be aware of carbon emissions and of the efficient operation of plant on site.

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